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Common Website Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Isn’t it annoying how some website design mistakes find their way into modern, pricy sites? Usually, these design errors arise from good intentions gone wrong. For example, some menu buttons refuse to collapse, or navigation panels may be too cluttered. Some websites try to impress visitors with animations or autoplay videos but end up being …

The 27 Best Free WordPress Themes + Plugins to Get You Started

If we could give you any advice as you start building your website, it’s this: Start with a simple theme and focus on creating great content. WordPress has lots of free themes and free plugins that will help you to get started right away. WordPress can be intimidating for beginners. Having too much flexibility and …

Websites Explained: Simplified Guide to Web Design and Layout

Once your website goes live, users will judge 94% of first impressions and 75% of website credibility on website design, according to WebFX. They judge your site before they even read your content, which tells you just how important web design is to the success of your website. If your site looks like it was …

Websites Explained: Website Hosting Advice for Beginners

To a beginner, finding reliable website hosting can be daunting. There’s much to learn and many “secrets” to uncover. But, quality hosting is so important for success that it’s worth taking time to find a trustworthy hosting company. Did you know that many of the biggest hosting companies are actually owned by the same tech …

Websites Explained: Easy Guide to Domains, TLDs, and DNS

The first step of creating a website is to buy and register a domain. A website’s domain name is incredibly important for SEO and brand recognition, and will directly affect how much revenue your website earns. Unfortunately, many beginners in e-commerce get confused by domain names, URLs, website names, and website hosting. We’ll see shortly …

Website Fundamentals 2: What is HTML, CSS, PHP, HTTPS, and SSL?

If you want to design a website and run it successfully, you need at least a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Every website frontend runs on HTML and CSS, while backends may be built with scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, C++. But, while it’s extremely useful to learn HTML and CSS, …

Should You Sell Digital Products? 15 Pros and Cons + How to Make it Better

Selling digital products online is the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs today. The possibility of passive income and unlimited growth is insanely provocative, making it easy to forget that the industry also faces unique challenges. In this three-part series covering digital product sales, we’ve done our best to show you the real-world picture of the industry …

How to Make it Selling Any Digital Product (+ Rare Tips)

Digital products are virtual or intangible products that you can sell in digital format, such as e-books, printables, short courses, music, software, virtual goods for video games, and digital art. Now that a lot more people have ventured into this space, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and competition. Our insider tricks will help you carve out your share of this $74 billion pie if you’re ready to implement the practical tips in this detailed starter guide.

How to Maximize Your Profits Selling Digital Products

Summary: Making your first sale isn’t all that difficult. However, growing your digital products business from $100 to $100,000 requires a different kind of approach. In this second part of our digital product selling guide, we’re making sure you don’t leave money on the table in six simple steps. It all boils down to three …