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15 Lucrative Home Based Online Business Ideas in Canada

Last updated on November 9th, 2023 at 05:40 am

Setting up a business from home is becoming increasingly popular in Canada. 


Well, there are countless advantages to starting an online business, including low start-up costs and the ability to work from anywhere. 

For those looking to start their own business but not sure where to begin, here are 15 home based online business ideas in Canada that can help you get your entrepreneurial journey started. 

Whether you’re interested in creating a digital product or offering services online, there’s something for everyone on this list.

a. Online Course Creation 

The online education industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, which is expected to continue.

Creating online courses can be a great way to tap into this growing market. 

Here, you can generate income by teaching others something you’re passionate about or experienced. 

And the future looks good!

According to, revenue in the online education sector is projected to reach US$5.14bn in 2023, so this could be a lucrative business opportunity for someone interested in working from home.

To create a successful course, the key is ensuring it provides value for students and meets their needs. 

For that to happen, research the market thoroughly and develop high-quality content useful for learners. 

From here, it is simple.

Sit down and crank out the course content. And use platforms like to distribute your course!

b. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is an ideal home based online business idea for Canadians with administrative and organizational skills. 

It involves providing clients with services such as scheduling, data entry, report writing, and more all from the comfort of your own home. 

And according to Indeed, the average salary for a Virtual Assistant is $21.94 per hour in Canada.

If you’re wondering how to start this home business in Canada, here it is!

First, you need a computer or laptop with reliable internet access, basic office software like Microsoft Office, and any other tools related to your services. 

These tools will help you execute your duties.

You may also want to consider taking courses in bookkeeping or software programs that are popular in the industry.

These extra skills will make your services attractive to potential clients.

From here, you need to start pitching your services. You can either talk to clients directly or use platforms like to find jobs.

Remember that you will be responsible for setting your schedule and rates as a virtual assistant. 

This means it is important to do research on what other virtual assistants are charging so that you can competitively price your services without undervaluing yourself. 

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c. Start Freelance Writing from home in Canada

If you have a knack for writing and research, you can use your talent to earn extra cash or even build a full-time career. 

This business involves writing articles, blog posts, web content, and other written materials for clients. 

Getting started with freelance writing requires some upfront work and experience. 

First, set up a portfolio website that showcases your best work so potential clients can evaluate your skills. 

You may need to offer free samples of your work at first to attract clients. 

Next, search online job boards such as Upwork or Freelancer, where you can find gigs related to your skill set.

Finally, consider networking with people in the industry who could refer you to good opportunities. 

You can get paid per project or per word.

How much can you earn? 

Well, the average salary for a Freelance Writer is $21.40 per hour in Canada.

But there’s no ceiling here; you can make as much as you want.

d. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is an innovative way to launch a business in Canada. 

It involves selling products online without having to store or ship inventory. 

Instead, when customers purchase items from your online store, they are shipped directly from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s address. 

This eliminates the need to invest heavily in purchasing stock upfront and allows you to focus on marketing and sales instead.

It is a perfect business model for a home-based business in Canada😍!

Starting a dropshipping business requires minimal start-up capital. 

You will need a website, a payment processing system, and reliable suppliers who can deliver quality products at competitive prices. 

Once that’s taken care of, you need eyeballs.

Not literally🤣 but an effective marketing strategy can make that happen by promoting your products and driving sales. 

Once these elements are in place, you can begin building up your customer base with targeted campaigns and promotions and identify potential new markets for your dropshipping business. 

e. Web Design & Development 

Web development is an attractive option for anyone looking to start a home based online business in Canada. 

Here are some numbers to nerd about:

The average web designer salary in Canada is $51,675 per year or $26.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $40,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $67,500 per year (source:

Now that you will be working from home, the only number you should care about is the hourly rate.

But what does this involve? 

Generally, web design and development involves the planning, creation and maintenance of websites ranging from small single-page sites to large corporate websites. 

It includes graphic design, website architecture, coding, user experience design and search engine optimization.

If you have the technical skills required for web design and development, then it’s an ideal home-based business opportunity in Canada. 

To get your foot in the door, start by working with small businesses in Canada or individuals who need help with their websites or online stores. 

Once you build up a good portfolio of work, you can move on to larger projects or expand your services like offering SEO services or content creation. 

A good strategy is also to offer bundled services tailored specifically to each customer’s needs which can lead to better profits. 

f. Copywriting 

Besides being a business in itself, copywriting is an essential skill for anyone looking to start a home-based online business in Canada. 


Now that everyone is online, you must know how to craft messages encouraging action.

In itself, copywriting involves writing a persuasive and engaging copy, or text, that will attract and convince readers to take action. 

This can include anything from website content that encourages visitors to make a purchase, to blog posts that generate leads and sales. 

With this type of business, you can easily make up to $60K per year!

That’s around $30.77 per hour.

For those just starting out with copywriting, it’s important to understand the basics of how good copy works.

You need to understand the target audience, how to use persuasive language, and creating compelling headlines – before investing the time and money into writing it yourself. 

Once you’ve mastered all these, you won’t be idle ever again.

Brands are everywhere looking for effective copywriters like you.

g. Social Media Management 

This is one of the most popular services that Canadian businesses are outsourcing.

If you know your way around Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and start making money. 

To get started, the first step is to create a professional profile on all the major social networks and build up an audience of followers or fans. 

This will help prove your expertise.

Once established, you can then offer services such as managing accounts for clients, and creating campaigns and content promotion strategies.

And if you already have experience in running social media profiles, it may even be possible to find clients who need help with existing projects.

While at it, double-check any contracts before signing them, as some freelance arrangements do not have legal protection in Canada. 

h. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent home-based business option to consider in Canada. 

It involves earning a commission on products and services sold through online channels. 

This type of marketing requires minimal investment, as no stocks or inventory are required. 

All that is needed is a website and the ability to drive traffic to it.

In affiliate marketing, you partner with vendors or merchants who offer products for sale on their sites and promote them by referring customers to the merchant’s website. 

When customers purchase from the merchant’s site, you will receive a commission from the sale. 

Affiliates can choose various marketing methods, such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, content creation, email campaigns, and search engine optimization (SEO). 

One of the most popular affiliate programs in Canada is Amazon Associates

With this program, you can earn up to 10% commission from qualifying purchases.

i. Consulting Services 

This kind of online business involves providing advice or expertise on a subject matter to clients, either remotely or in person. 

Such services cover a wide range of topics, from finance and law to management and marketing. 

How does it work?

Well, as a consultant, you will need to assess your client’s needs and provide expert knowledge tailored to their specific situation. 

Your job is usually project-based, requiring you to come up with solutions that result in a successful outcome for the client. 

Excellent communication skills will come in handy as you explain complex matters effectively and answer any questions your clients may have. 

And to succeed in this industry, stay current with trends!

This was you can offer valuable insights into the latest developments and strategies available. 

j. SEO Services 

Offering SEO services is another one of the most profitable home based online business ideas in Canada.

You see, SEO helps websites and businesses rank higher in search engine results, which increases their visibility and leads to more visitors, customers and sales. 

Expect to earn upwards of $64807 per year, which can even be more if you do a superb job!

If you want to get started in this area, there are a few steps you need to take. 

First, learn about SEO basics by researching on Google or taking a course such as the one offered by Moz Academy. 

Once the fundamentals are down, start offering your services as a consultant or freelancer via platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. 

You can send proposals, get clients, and be paid😎!

One more thing.

Building relationships with other digital marketing professionals in this business is VITAL as referrals will become an integral part of your success. 

k. Graphic Design 

Are you an artist with a creative eye? 

Graphic design may be the perfect home business opportunity for you. 

In itself, graphic design is the process of creating visuals such as logos, product designs, and illustrations. 

With the high demand for graphic design services in Canada, starting your own graphic design business can provide you with a great source of income. 

If you’re wondering how to start to do that from home, the first step is to assess what skills and tools are needed. 

Graphic design software including Adobe Creative Suite and Corel Draw are essential as they provide all the tools necessary to create stunning visuals. 

You will also need a portfolio website or social media presence where potential clients can view your work samples before hiring you. 

Other helpful skills include strong written and verbal communication, an understanding of color theory, basic coding knowledge, and working knowledge of branding guidelines. 

Note, rates charged by graphic designers on Upwork vary from $15 to $150 an hour, with an average rate of around $25 per hour.

Interestingly, most designers do not charge per hour, but rather, a fixed price per project.

l. E-commerce 

eCommerce is a booming industry in Canada, and there are numerous opportunities to start a home based online business. 

According to eCommerceDB, Canada is the ninth largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$58, billion in 2021!

If you want to make money online, this is your chance!

Whether you’re selling physical products or providing digital services, setting up an e-commerce business can be done with relative ease. 

The first step to starting an e-commerce business from home in Canada is deciding what type of products or services you want. 

Once this is established, consider how best to market those items online and build the necessary infrastructure for running your operation such as secure payment processing solutions. 

Additionally, research different ways to optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO) so customers can easily find your website when searching for relevant terms. 

And above all, develop an effective customer relationship management strategy so customers feel valued and continue returning for future purchases. 

m. Online Coaching 

Online coaching is a great choice for those looking to start their own business from home and make an impact on the lives of others. 

With this business, you can become a certified coach in any number of fields, such as life and wellness coaching, career counseling, or other related topics. 

Online coaches typically charge by the hour and provide support through video conferencing software, email exchanges and phone calls. 

This is a gold mine if you want to make between $50 and $100 per hour in Canada🤯!

The first step to becoming an online coach is to decide what type of specialty you want to focus on. 

Once you have chosen your field of coaching practice, become certified via a reputable training program offered by organizations like the International Coaching Federation or Centre for Credentialing & Education (CCE).

After completing your certification requirements, you’ll be ready to start marketing yourself as an online coach with your own website and social media accounts. 

n. Transcription Services 

Transcription services can be an ideal online business for Canadians who want to work from home. 

Transcriptionists listen to audio recordings and type out the spoken words into written documents. 

To start such a business, you need a computer with access to the internet and basic typing skills. 

Also, invest in transcription software and other resources, such as good headphones with a microphone attached. 

Some experience in audio transcription is beneficial but not required; many people learn the ropes quickly after beginning their own service. 

Before launching, research the fees of other professionals providing transcription services.

This way, you can set competitive rates for your own business. 

Besides that, create contracts and confidentiality agreements between yourself and your clients before starting any projects. 

Once these basics are sorted, you’ll be ready to start marketing your services online! 

Final Thoughts 

There is a variety of home based online business ideas for Canadians that can provide endless opportunities for success

Before getting started, consider your skills and interests to determine the type of business best suits you. 

Once you have identified which idea is the most fitting, it is important to research and creates a comprehensive plan to ensure your venture will be successful. 

When it comes down to it, starting an online business in Canada requires being proactive and taking actionable steps that set yourself up for success. 

Take the time to create a detailed plan with measurable goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new venture but don’t let that deter you; break down each step into manageable tasks so everything feels more achievable! 

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