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The Best Website Builder In Canada For Small Businesses

This post deepens into the best website builder in Canada for small businesses. The internet is predicted to have nearly 2 billion websites as of November 2022.

What this tells you is that every day new sites are created. Let’s gather some facts about website builders and small businesses foremost.

A website builder is a tool that eases the process of web building. It eliminates coding and other complexities of web development.

Most of them use drag and drop to create websites. There are two forms; an online website builder that just has everything online.

The offline one is different; one must download the software into their personal computer. Later after you are done creating, you have to upload your site.

Site builders offer top security since they deal with personal data. They also save on costs and time, which are scarce resources.

Small businesses don’t have much from employees to income. Selling to a friend can be termed a small business. These entities are manageable by a single person!

The cost of a new website in Canada

Creating a new site is costly; it ranges from $500-30,000 depending on the type of website. That’s so extensive, especially for an individual or small business.

There is a good solution for you to save on this. You don’t need any skills either; you create your site instantly with a phone or laptop and the internet.

It means that you cut down on building costs and save time. It makes it easy for you also to focus on other duties.

Start today and enjoy the freedom of building without skills. Learn to build and manage your sites on your own.

Enjoy the freedom of managing and updating your site from anywhere.  Use your creativity and enjoy the building process.

5 Things the best website builder offers

  • Ease of use- the reason to opt for a website builder is to ease the task of building. Eliminate coding and replace it with drag and drop.  It makes it easy for everyone to create any site conveniently. It should be flexible and usable without any skills.
  • Customization options- it should offer more options for design. Check to see whether you get all you need for your site before settling for a builder.
  • Affordability- Is it free or more affordable than a developer? Well, get one that gives value to your money. 
  • SEO tools- Will your content perform well online? With SEO tools, one can ensure their site grows and reaches out to many. Get a builder to help you set up your site to reach many without hassle.
  • Customer support- Is the team always ready to assist? Can you count on them to help you when you land into issues? Get a builder that has your back and keeps your site running smoothly.

These are just mere features to look at; of course, there is responsiveness, themes available, social sharing features, etc.

Perform good research first before choosing your builder. Look at the reviews and ask around from different online communities.

The 7 Best Website Builders In Canada For Small Business

As mentioned, building a website today has become easy. With builders, one has options to help them from scratch to a stunning site.

These are some of the best to start on today. These builders are easy and customized for everyone without building skills.

1. Zyro

It’s a popular builder for millions who create stunning sites. What Zyro offers is ease of use and lots of customizable templates. 

Additionally, it has Artificial Intelligence to help you build instantly. Zyro also allows integration with many marketing and analytical tools. 

Managing your website becomes easy and convenient. Doesn’t matter what size and type of website you want; Zyro offers mobile-ready sites. 

As a newbie, you have no worries, as their support team is always available. Launching on Zyro is easy and instant. 

Currently, they have a 78% off, with a $2.59 /month; start on website plans. For the business, plans get it for $3.59 /month. Use the free plan too!

2. GoDaddy

This builder started as a domain seller. Today it has gained a name for providing website services and building websites.

As a small business owner, GoDaddy has crafted the best for you! It takes your website to the next level in this competitive world.

Feature-wise, GoDaddy suits small businesses by:

  • Providing social tools and integrations- it’s easy to connect and spread the word. Transact with many conveniently. 
  • Ensuring your site is visible online- with SEO and marketing tools competing with other brands becomes easy.
  • Saving costs- start today with GoDaddy website builder for it’s free. Their advanced business plans are relatively inexpensive too.

GoDaddy secures your site with advanced measures of SSL. The blog is up to date, and the support team is ready to solve problems instantly.

The plans are a bit high than Zyro’s; their basic plan is $9.99 /month, and the Commerce plan is $29.99 /month.


Established recently and has become the best website builder in Canada for small businesses. This builder utilizes a drag-and-drop editor.

It’s easy to use without coding during the design process. OLITT has all you need to start as a small business.

On the feature list, they have a DNS management tool that helps you manage your domains. They also sell domains that you can use for your website.

When it comes to prices, you can opt for the free plan. The other plan is  $29.99/year, about $2.49/ month cheaper that the above two!

Their support team is ready to jump in and assist when issues arise. Choosing OLITT is the best for your business as it gives you all!

4. Weebly

Another exceptional builder for a small business. You don’t need special skills to use Weebly, for it has a simple editor.

As a newbie, create stunning sites in a  few minutes and launch instantly. Connect with millions and sell your products without touching code.

Weebly has amazing tools to customize your site to your liking! Start for free; for business plans, it’s $25 annually. 

Interacting with Weebly makes you feel fantastic. Build amazing brands that reach many, for it’s safe, and their support is amazing.

Start today and save the hassle of hiring someone; manage all by yourself conveniently.

5. Wix

Everyone in Canada can use this popular website builder.  With many integrations and Artificial Intelligence, Wix makes creation easy.

It’s not just popularity that makes Wix the best website builder but the ease of use. Additionally, it has powerful tools to make your site stand out.

For those experienced, it offers a coding platform. Sites made from Wix are ready to be used on any device smoothly.

Managing your business also becomes easy with Wix. They have both analytical and management tools for your business.

Regarding prices, Wix has a free plan and; basic for $4.50/month and the most expensive at $24.50 that offers you all!

Check out Wix today and take your business online; connect with clients all over the globe instantly.

6. Shopify

As the name suggests, it was built for businesses. This builder offers everyone an opportunity to launch their online presence easily.

Selling on Shopify is easy and secure. It’s a global platform created for trading and business growth for every brand.

You don’t need any experience to get started; the building is straightforward.  Shopify is connected and integrated well.

Starting your online journey with Shopify is the best thing to do. Security and support are guaranteed. 

On the downside, their pricing is high as the lowest plan is $21.50/month; the highest is $266/month. But Shopify ensures your brand stands out!

Choose Shopify and grow your small business globally.  

7. Jimdo

Another best website builder in Canada for your small business. Creating with Jimdo is easy. With just a few clicks, get your site up instantly.

Your site is guaranteed to rank among many search engines. Jimdo is a builder that is easy, affordable, and customizable.

Their top features are SEO tools and payment methods. They account for your business security with SSL and great support teams ready to help.

Starting is free, or choose a custom plan for your business at as low as $15/month. Jimdo also has no extra charges; keep all profits to yourself!

You need a domain now that you have built your website. Choosing a domain is easy as long you consider these:

  • Having a short name- helps people remember and avoid typos. You want everyone to reach you easily.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain- one can miss them while typing and can’t reach your site.
  • Use a keyword- let the domain sell your business. Choose a name that relates to your business.
  • Research on competitors- know what others are doing and consider being unique. Change your business approach.

At Truehost, get the best domains and offers on hosting! Take your small business online and reach many conveniently; there are many plans to choose from.

Start today and enjoy the best services for your business!

To sum up,

Website builders are tools that ease the build-up process. They give a chance to everyone to create stunning sites instantly.

It becomes easy to share with the world and transact safely through the Internet. Brands have become global, and landing clients and transactions have become instant!

Thanks to these best website builders today, small businesses have an equal opportunity to grow and reach many as big and established businesses.

Consider doing extensive research before settling for a website builder. Take time also to check for all features that your site will need.

Businesses are online; why leave yours behind? Start with an easy builder and grow your brand.

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