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Does Web Hosting Include Email in Canada? What To Know

Web hosting and email hosting are two separate services, but they are often bundled together by web hosting providers in Canada.

This raises the question: Does web hosting include email?

Let’s delve into the topic and find out.

Understanding Web Hosting and Email Hosting

Web Hosting: A web hosting service stores your website files and data on a server, making them accessible to visitors.

It provides the infrastructure necessary for your website to function and be available on the Internet.

Email Hosting: Email hosting, on the other hand, stores your email messages and files on a server, facilitating the sending and receiving of emails.

Does Web Hosting Include Email in Canada?

If you purchase a web hosting plan in Canada, it’s common to receive a few email addresses as part of the package. This means that web hosting often includes email hosting to a certain extent.

However, these included email addresses may have basic features and limitations.

For example, they may come with limited storage space or lack advanced spam filtering capabilities.

The Need for Dedicated Email Hosting in Canada

While web hosting may include email hosting, it may not always meet all your email-related needs.

If you require more features or greater control over your email, it might be beneficial to consider a dedicated email hosting service in Canada.

These services offer a wider range of functionalities, such as ample storage space, robust spam filtering, and the ability to create custom email addresses.

Key Differences Between Web Hosting and Email Hosting in Canada

Let’s summarize the key differences between web hosting and email hosting:

FeatureWeb HostingEmail Hosting
What it isStores website filesStores email messages and files
InclusionWebsite files, databases,Email addresses, storage space,
and scriptsand spam filtering
ProviderWeb hosting providersEmail hosting providers

How to Create an Email Account in Your Web Hosting Account

If you’ve opted for web hosting that includes email hosting in Canada, here’s a step-by-step guide on creating an email account within your web hosting account:

  1. Log in to your web hosting account’s control panel.
  2. Locate the section dedicated to email accounts. This may be labeled as “Email,” “Mail,” or something similar.
  3. Click the option to create a new email account.
  4. Enter the necessary details, including:
  • Email address: The address you’ll use for sending and receiving emails.
  • Password: The password to access your email account.
  • Full name: Your desired name to appear in the “From” field of your emails.
  • Mailbox size: The allocated storage space for your email messages.
  1. Click the button to create the email account.

Once your email account is created, you can access it using webmail clients or email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Reasons to Consider Separate Email Hosting in Canada

While web hosting may include email hosting, there are compelling reasons to opt for separate email hosting services in Canada. Let’s explore some of these reasons:

1. Enhanced Security

By hosting your email separately, you can enhance the security of your email communications.

When your email and website share the same server, a security breach could potentially compromise both.

Separate email hosting minimizes this risk, protecting your email from potential threats and unauthorized access.

2. Improved Performance

When email and website services are hosted together, they compete for server resources. This can lead to reduced email performance, especially during peak times.

Opting for separate email hosting in Canada ensures that your email has dedicated resources, allowing it to perform optimally regardless of website traffic.

3. Scalability

As your website grows, you may need to upgrade your web hosting plan to accommodate increased traffic and resource demands.

However, if your email is hosted separately, you can easily upgrade your email hosting plan without impacting your website’s performance.

This flexibility saves costs and prevents any potential downtime during the upgrade process.

4. Additional Flexibility

Separate email hosting provides more flexibility in terms of features and services.

You can choose a provider that offers advanced options like extensive storage space, enhanced spam filtering, or additional security features tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Separate Email Hosting

Here are a few more benefits of opting for separate email hosting in Canada:

1. Better Spam Filtering

Dedicated email hosting providers in Canada invest more resources into spam filtering than web hosting providers.

This means you’re less likely to receive spam emails in your inbox, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient email experience.

2. Ample Storage Space

Separate email hosting typically provides more storage space than web hosting plans. This is crucial if you receive a high volume of emails or need to store large attachments without worrying about storage limitations.

3. Enhanced Support

Dedicated email hosting providers often offer superior customer support compared to web hosting providers. This can be invaluable when you need assistance with your email account or encounter any issues along the way.


While web hosting in Canada may include email hosting, it’s essential to evaluate your specific requirements to determine if it meets your needs.

If you require more advanced features, control, security, and performance for your email, dedicated email hosting services are worth considering.

Separate email hosting ensures the privacy, scalability, and flexibility necessary for an exceptional email experience.

When contemplating separate email hosting, take the time to compare different providers, considering your specific needs and preferences.

This way, you can make an informed decision and choose the right hosting solution for your email communications in Canada.


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