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#17 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company’s online presence. 

It allows companies to connect with customers and build relationships that can result in increased sales, a core principle for any digital marketing agency that specializes in customer engagement. 

In this list, we have compiled a list of some of the best digital marketing companies in Canada. 

These companies, recognized among the top digital marketing agencies, have years of experience in digital marketing and will offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help your business grow and reach new heights.

1). Search Engine People Inc

Search Engine People Inc., a Canada 2024 Recognized Full-Service Marketing Agency, established in 2001 and based in Pickering, Canada, specializes in digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy.

With a team of over 60, they offer these services to a variety of businesses, from small to large, in business services, consumer products & services, and financial services.

Clients interested in top digital marketing agencies for groundbreaking strategies

  • RE/MAX
  • Subaru
  • Intuit
  • PwC

2). Social Media 55

Founded in 2014, Social Media 55 is an international social media management firm, with headquarters in Montreal and offices in Santa Monica, Calif., New York City, Chicago, and Toronto. 

Their team of 14 experts specializes in social media marketing, mobile & app marketing, and more.

This entity, established in 2019, is a digital marketing and branding agency that thrives on creating successful marketing campaigns.

  • HGregoire
  • The Halal Guys
  • Allo Mon Coco
  • Jivago and the Art of Creative Digital Marketing

3). blue/meta

Blue/Meta, a leader among digital marketing agencies in Canada, has been specializing in custom WordPress web development and design, and intelligent digital strategies, since 2012. Founded in 2001 and based in Pickering, Canada, this agency specializes in digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, conversion optimization, and digital strategy, making it one of the top digital marketing agencies.

Headquartered in Langley, Brazil, the agency provides tailored services to midmarket firms, small businesses, e-commerce, business services, and consumer products and services. 

With a team of 5 professionals, Blue/Meta is committed to helping clients achieve their goals.

This entity, established in 2019, is a digital marketing and branding agency that thrives on creating successful marketing campaigns.

  • Peninsula Canada
  • Northern Fitness
  • Jerky in a Box – Now a Creative Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Nutri-Bites

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4). WebDesk Solution LLC

Since 2011, WebDesk Solution has been a trailblazing force in the eCommerce world.

Their certified partnership with leading digital commerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Shift 4 Shop, Prestashop, CS-Cart, Volusion, and others is a testament to their innovative solutions and status as one of the best digital marketing agencies. 

They offer a range of services – from web design, development, migration, and digital marketing to best-in-class eCommerce support and consulting. 

Their experienced team, proficient in online marketing, has helped hundreds of businesses create unique eCommerce websites across many industries. 

And they strive to stand out as we continuously develop our expertise as marketing experts and work with our customers to achieve success. 

They have an open-minded approach ensures that we stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.

5). Thriving Mind Marketing

At Jesse Deildale, located in Kelowna, BC, they’re committed to crafting effective digital marketing strategies to help elevate your business. 

They tailor an approach to your needs using creative strategies, digital innovation, email marketing, and a passion for delivering memorable experiences.

Thriving Mind Marketing believe in setting up the foundations for success by creating engaging content and a well-planned marketing funnel. 

This ensures that your business is found in various locations and your website is designed to be captivating and user-friendly. 

With these foundations in place, including influencer marketing and effective marketing campaigns, you’re well-positioned to convert potential customers into loyal customers. 

6). Art & Science

Art & Science is a multi-award-winning digital agency that stands out from the rest. 

They blend creative ingenuity and analytical precision to develop campaigns, products, and even new businesses. 

They are savvy, swift, and deliver remarkable results. 

And their comprehensive set of in-house abilities follows a precise procedure to ensure the highest quality of creative and technical work. 

Depending on the requirements of the project, Art & Science may use any part of their overall process.

Art & Science is the proud recipient of numerous awards including three 2021 Canadian Search Awards

  • Best Local Campaign – VetStrategy, an Ignite Digital Success Story in Canada 2024
  • Best Integrated Campaign – T3, a Triumph for Marketing Experts
  • Best PPC Agency

7). New Design Group Inc.

New Design Group Inc. is an award-winning team of passionate and committed professionals providing successful branding plans and digital solutions for different sectors, such as small to medium businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and start-ups

They have been a full-service digital agency specializing in branding, website design, digital marketing strategy, and services since 2002.

8). Seoplus+

Seoplus+ is an acclaimed digital marketing agency providing services around the world. 

Their mission is to create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your business, with the purpose of gaining leads and increasing sales. 

Seoplus+ specializes in various industries and guarantees no outsourcing, complete transparency, continuous communication, and real outcomes.

9). Traffic Trail 

Traffic Trail is the most renowned provider of digital marketing services, having served over 1500 clients. 

Their services are available in Canada and are highly acclaimed for their unique approach and goal-oriented strategies.

If you select Traffic Trail, a Full-Service Marketing Agency, you can count on timely delivery, comprehensive reports, and top-notch results. 

And they understand your business’s needs and challenges and can provide the most suitable course of action.

10). Brand & Mortar

Brand & Mortar is a full-service communication and marketing firm with awards-winning expertise. 

They specialize in brand development, digital marketing, web design and development, app development, social media management, PPC & SEM, SEO, video production, public relations, content marketing, and marketing strategy. 

And their mission is to help create your next standout advertising campaign and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

11). BrandLume Inc 

BrandLume Inc., a Private Ltd. established in 2011, is a comprehensive digital marketing, branding, and website business with offices situated globally. 

They offer services to 6400+ clients worldwide, including 400+ marketing companies that charge more for their services.

And their mission, as a Full-Service Marketing Agency, is to empower businesses and provide them with the highest quality of solutions.

Services include Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding, Online PR, PPC, Press Release, Logo Design, Blog Writing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Development, Website Design, Website Building, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Local Citations, Local SEO, and Link Building.

12). Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

Based out of Fort Langley, B.C., Jelly is a digital marketing firm providing clients with high-level strategies for SEO, PPC, social media marketing, conversion optimization, video production, content marketing, and media buying.

Notable clients include Big Splash Waterpark, La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, Trading Post Brewing, Legacy Advantage, and Greater Vancouver Zoo.

13). Bob’s Your Uncle

Depending on the requirements of the project, Art & Science may use any part of their overall process, including email marketing and tailored digital marketing campaigns. You’ll be a shoo-in with experience in this sector, especially if you’re seen as a digital marketing expert.

Notable clients include Popeyes, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Cadbury, Applebees, Quiznos, and Doritos.

14). Strano + Pettigrew Design Associates

If your marketing skills are strongest in packaging design, product branding, and corporate identity creation, this Toronto-based marketing agency may be the best fit for you. Strano + Pettigrew, a Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes in Helping Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Crush Their Competitors

Notable clients include Air Canada, University of Toronto, Second Cup Coffee Co., and Aramark Canada.

15). Forge and Smith

Forge and Smith, an Agency Based in New Westminster, is a Tight-Knit Team of Designers, Builders, and Strategists Art & Science, a multi-award-winning digital agency that stands out from the rest, excels in digital advertising and has been acclaimed as one of the top digital marketing agencies.

Notable clients include Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Agile Group, Olympics Canada, United Way, Knowledge Network, and Discovery Channel.

16). Arcane Marketing

Arcane is the original digital-first agency. They’re on a mission to change the reality of marketing spend from an expense line to a predictable income generator, helping brands realize a 5:1 ROI from their marketing dollars.

Notable clients include Lunapads, Cowbell Brewing Co., and Roots Canada.

17). Sid Lee

Sid Lee is based in Montreal and boasts over 900 artisans working from offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. 

You’ll work on standard digital marketing services like branding and social media strategies, becoming a digital marketing expert in the process. 

But their in-house studios provide clients with marketing solutions that create experiences, such as events and exhibitions, to help customers better engage with brands in-person.

Notable clients include Honda, Spotify, Starbucks, The North Face, and KFC, showcasing the broad reach of our creative digital marketing expertise.

Q: What does the list of the top 17 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada (2024) include?

A: The list includes the best digital marketing agencies in Canada for the year 2024 based on various criteria such as performance, client reviews, services offered, and industry recognition.

Q: How are the digital marketing agencies ranked in the list?

A: The digital marketing agencies are ranked based on factors such as client satisfaction, industry reputation, services provided, innovation, and overall performance in the digital marketing landscape in Canada.

Q: What services can one expect from these top digital marketing agencies in Canada?

A: The top digital marketing agencies in Canada offer a range of services including SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, web development, branding, content marketing, and more to help businesses grow their online presence.

Q: Are these digital marketing agencies full-service companies?

A: Yes, many of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada included in the list provide full-service digital marketing solutions that cover all aspects of online marketing including design, development, SEO, social media, and more.

Q: How can hiring a digital marketing agency benefit my business?

A: Hiring a top digital marketing agency can benefit your business by providing expert strategies, innovative solutions, industry insights, and tailored campaigns to help you reach your target audience, improve brand visibility, and drive conversions.

Q: What criteria were taken into consideration while selecting the best digital marketing agencies in Canada for this list?

A: The selection process for the best digital marketing agencies in Canada for this list involved evaluating aspects such as industry experience, client portfolio, service offerings, awards won, and overall reputation within the digital marketing landscape.

Q: Can I find both large and boutique digital marketing agencies in the list?

A: Yes, the list includes a mix of large full-service digital marketing agencies as well as boutique agencies that specialize in specific digital marketing services to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Q: Is there a focus on specific regions within Canada for the digital marketing agencies listed?

A: The list of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada for 2024 is comprehensive and covers agencies from various regions across the country, including major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and more, offering a diverse range of services.


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