YachtLife provides an exhilarating experience of sailing, entertainment and much more. Gather your friends and be part of an epic voyage on American waters in the summer. Join us by choosing a sailing week and a yacht to accommodate you and your friends.

Living on a yacht is a simple way of traveling and we make your trip as easy and relaxing as possible. Your skipper will take you to hidden islands, calm bays, the perfect spot to cliff dive and many, many more places. The YachtLife crew can help solve any issue that could come up, just to ensure that you have the best weekend of your life. In addition to the fantastic experience, the amazing places, and all the new friends you will make, here is a list over things that will be included in the price of your trip:

  • • Rental of yacht
  • • Yacht equipment
  • • Sail with the Yachtlife Captain
  • • Taxes
  • • Cleaning
  • • Gasoline
  • • GPS
  • • Sheets, blankets & towels
  • • Stereo
  • • DJ's all weekend
  • • Yacht racing
What is the cost?
Prices range from 185-500$ per person per night– the average is around 225$. Depending on the yacht you choose and if you sail with one of our staff member or not.
What is this?
5-10 yachts, 50-100 people sailing together for a weekend at one of our event destination!

Where is it?
Summer – Lac Champlain, Plattsburgh

Departure: Friday 6 PM

Arrival: Sunday 4 PM